RED means the show won't premiere for a bit.
Italics means I'm not really going to be following it weekly, just when I have like copious amounts of free time
NOT INCLUDED because i don't know their timeslots yet: Awake, Alcatraz and Apartment 23

apping tl;dr! hello my old friend

What is a LJ. a thing i no longer use since plurk came into my life damn.

well no i use it for communities!

but yeah no, let's pop this journal cherry classic erie bawwing time.

RANKA LEE (~kirapose)
the destinationsoul_campaign
the whositwhatsitgalore 】 moe moe kyun~ loli with prehensile hair and a direct line to the space aliens that end up attacking her home space ship colony thing and involved in a yuri love triangle. cheerful, determined, clumsy, everything is all on the surface with her because she is like HILARIBAD at hiding her emotions. character development alas fell by the wayside due to plot, budget constraints and idk kawamori losing his notes? this is really why i want to play her because she had a lot of potential as a character due to the like. role! she had to play in the vajra thing but a lot of her growth was just either completely dropped or any attempt at action on her part just made things worse (going off the the vajra planet, getting caught by grace)
the happy funtiems 】 i'm shallow and i love iconspamming her and playing her dojikko side. and it's a little refreshing to have a character that's all what you see is what you get, someone who's not really cryptic and is kind of awkward at communicating. i tend to gravitate to hyper articulate babblers (see: Shawn and Chuck) or cryptic bastards (see: everyone else i've played lol) so having a character who is more or less... normal when it comes to her speech patterns / diction / etc. is kind of a change. you know how i'm a wordy bitch so there's definitely a lot more crafting...? or just editing that comes into play when i write for ranka because i want to keep her idk tags simple but still engaging. i also have to avoid falling back on gimmicks like her stammering and flailing. also i'm more or less going to come in with a sheryl so yay!
the srs bznz 】 i! am kind of not sure what she'd have to do in soul_campaign. mostly i think it's because i've never played in the game before so i don't really have an idea of how posts work there, the kind of plots i can expect and generally am totally unsure of the kind of reception she'd get. i lucked out in poly because she had brilliant CR with the gundam 00 crew which uh. kept her surviving when she lost her cast.
the to-procrastinate list
••• CANON REVIEW: lmfaosob i'll be honest i doubt i'd attempt her like right now if i hadn't been able to beg episodes off of sele. just... downloading the whole series again makes my whole brain cry.
••• PERSONALITY SECTION: add-in stuff. it's mostly going to be copypasta but i've got some other stuff to write in there.
••• WEAKNESSES: lol just gonna reiterate what i explained in the personality section, highlight her ptsd (YES SHE HAS ACTUAL PTSD)
••• SAMPLES!: i'm really... over writing the whole /FUTZES AROUND WITH NETWORK DEVICE but ranka would :/ idk. i'll try to come up with something else.

CHUCK BARTOWSKI (~nerdherded)
the destinationthe_devils_see
the whositwhatsitgalore 】 nerd herder by day, spy by night, geek ALL THE TIME. lucky bastard (because seriously. look at his fiancée) the quintessential nice guy who may not fit the usual mold of a spy but he makes it work all the same.
the happy funtiems 】 OH GOD I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS SHOW. also i've apped this dude like three times already. getting him social would be pretty easy. it's finding people who would put up with him.... heh. his intersect-fu would help with the survival thing he is like among my few characters with actual idk. abilities. like with shawn and seth and hitagi, his voice is very easy for me to slip into without much second-guessing and he's just. fun to write for. plus plotty stuff! i would personally love to throw him into a game where the tech level / plottiness would allow me to mess around with plots re: Intersect and spy stuff but that's stuff i could easily draw from because of his canon.
the srs bznz 】 i will never get a cast neverever but my heart yearns for one all the same.
the to-procrastinate list
••• CANON REVIEW: like... this is 4 seasons guys...
••• PERSONALITY: basically just add in stuff from recent developments... i think the most recent version only took early season 3 into account so there's some stuff to put in there esp. about his mom and sarah
••• STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: um copypasta intersect stuff, repeat stuff about emotions.
••• SAMPLES!: um. lol. rules for surviving horror movies.

I'd like to give Hitagi a shot again but I pretty much failed miserably at staying alive in Queen of Hearts which was my bad entirely. Terrible timing (Christmas!) and I shouldn't have signed her up for an event because I couldn't post without referring to that urgh. idk maybe if things work at soul campaign i could toss her there?